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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog 😊

What a fabulous day we have had today in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom. This morning the children were showing off their amazing costumes for BOOK WEEK. We are very impressed with everyone creativity!

Our morning group time consisted of welcoming each other to kindy by singing ‘Skinner Marinky’. Miss TJ explained why we chose to sing that song this morning which was to remind each other that we need to be kind and show love to one another with gentle hands and gentle words. Over the pass week we have been focusing on keeping our hands to ourselves and making sure to be kind to one another. We watched a short music clip that showed us how to use our hands in the correct way which is turning them into helping hands. As a group we then brainstormed ideas on what we would like to do to decorate our classroom and celebrate for Halloween. We wrote their amazing ideas on a big A3 paper. Miss TJ then read ‘Piranhas don’t eat pyjamas’ before transitioning off to morning tea.

During activity time the children involved themselves in painting a spider web which was a group project.  Spiders and spider webs were suggested as one of our crafts to create for Halloween. The children used long paddle pop sticks as a different painting tool. On another table we invited the children to draw their own spiders using crayons. Pre-Kindergarten were seen building with the large blocks and role playing families in the home corner.

Through out the day we read all of the children’s books that they brought in to share in small groups and all together. Thank you so much for sharing! Zachary and Emerson had a great time at Tennis and are really engaged as they are enjoying doing Tennis together.

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx