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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog 😊

Another morning spent outside for the Pre-Kindergarten class. As we move into summer and the days become hotter and hotter, we may not be able to stay outside for most of the day, so we have been taking advantage of these beautiful days.

We had our morning tea outside in the secret garden area again and Miss Lyn read out the Acknowledgement of Country before reading one of Ellie’s stories that she brought in to share called A children’s book about teasing which was a great book about RESPECTING our friends.  A few friends brought in their Weekend Forms which we read out with the children in front of the class. It is so lovely to share with the class.

Since the children have been enjoying our cooking/baking and science experiences where the children have had the opportunity to mix and experiment with ingredients we decided to extend on their exploring and fun with mixing, setting up a table in the sandpit with leaves, sticks, water etc. It was so much fun exploring for things that we can add, using our senses to smell and touch things in the garden to then take over to the experimenting table. We also grabbed bowls, buckets, spoons, and plenty of tools to help us with the experimenting. Miss Lyn also grabbed out the purple playdough and some more playdough tools on another activity table. It was great seeing the children engaged in the activities, exploring the yard and forming strong relationships with each other.

Before lunch we read Ellie’s, other story called TheTwelve Princesses which was a great counting practice story. To continue the numeracy learning we played a counting game to transition to lunch. If you were the person who had to say number 5 then you went to wash hands and eat lunch. They loved it! It was good listening practices and sequencing learning.

Hope you all have a wonderful day 😊

Miss TJ & Miss Livia xx