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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia were welcomed to kindy by some smiley faces that were excited to start our Tuesday adventures. We were also very impressed by the amazing Halloween face paint that Hendrix and Emerson came in with and by the awesome dress ups we are already seeing to celebrate Halloween. Well done parents!! After a lovely play outside with our teachers and friends before our predicted storm this afternoon we came inside together onto the group mat.

Firstly, we warmed up our voices to some nursery rhymes and then focused our attention on Miss TJ who then read us a digital story on the computer called ‘A Magical Muddle’. The story was about a witch who could not get the spell right and kept turning herself into animals. It was a bit of a giggle! Miss TJ then surprised the children with news on what we were going to get up to for the day. They were super excited to see the massive pumpkin that Miss TJ brought in and the bucket of slimy goop filled with bugs, witches’ fingers and skeletons.

On the painting table we placed the pumpkin right in the middle and group of three children used pink, green and purple runny paint to colour the pumpkin. Miss Livia bravely took on two friends at a time who dug their fingers into the green slime, getting quite sticky and gooey. We also set up a cute little photobooth area with props and a spooky backdrop for the children to come and snap some fun shots. The Pre-K children also enjoyed our make up and salon station with a few more added resources again today, building with the large blocks and free drawing!

We had another run around outside before we came back inside for a dance party! We boogied to Arlo’s choice of song which was ‘Spooky spooky skeleton’ and then our class favourite, ‘The Wombat Wobble’.

Enjoy your afternoon and stay safe in the stormy weather that is predicted over the next few days.

Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊