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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning the class participated in a hula hoop dancing and jumping activity in the outdoor yard. The children used their active listening skills to follow Miss Amy’s instructions and engage in the activity. This game was similar to Simon Says as it required them to listen for action and copy or freeze. The children collectively expressed enthusiasm during this play, and demonstrated their developing ability to encourage one-another in group scenarios.

Indoors, we continued exploring the theme “Physical Me” which is a learning theme that focuses on teaching the children about their bodies. This week we are learning about the eyes. We read stories about our eyes, emphasising phrases about what we can see on the pictures of the book. Additionally, they enjoyed a painting activity whereby the children viewed their handprints through magnifying glasses. Their were a number of comments made by the children when using the magnifying glasses.

We also went outside for our midday play, but we were surprised by the rain. This led us to have a dance and action-songs time in the tree house, while we waited for it to subside. The children expressed enthusiasm as they watched the rain and this initiated stories about children’s experiences with rain and storms.

Lastly, the children trialled tennis with Mr Trevor. This is an additional recreational activity on offer at the centre. For more information please see admin staff.