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Welcome to Tuesday!

Can you believe we are at the end of June. This year is flying by!

Today we celebrate Asher and Zander’s Birthday. Our awesome twin brothers were super excited to tell everyone that they are now 4 years old. The boys had lots of fun on the big swing this morning. A group of children were enjoying the obstacle course that was set out this morning that challenged our balancing skills as we had to carefully walk along the planks to then put our brave caps on to jump off at the end, onto the mat. Kaylee and William were working together to build with the large blocks, communicating well and taking turns. Maia and Ellie were experimenting in the sand pit and Rosie and Willow were making cupcakes with the bark and cupcake tray.

We came inside for our morning group time to sing Happy Birthday to our birthday boys. Miss TJ explained to the class that Asher and Zander were born together on the same day. Asher told everyone that they were “upside down in mummy’s tummy” which made the whole class giggle. They also shared with us that they brought cupcake mix to make cupcakes with the class today.

During activity time Miss Livia called over small groups to contribute to making the birthday cupcakes. We measured the ingredients according to the box and worked together to mix and mix it all together. We are placing them in the oven over rest time so that they are ready for afternoon tea. Thank you for bringing in a cooking activity for us, Asher and Zander. The children also enjoyed using their imagination to build and create with recylced items that we have collected over the past few weeks. Thank you India for bringing in some grade items for us to reuse. We would love to continue to brainstorm ideas we can do reusing items. We had fun exploring the classroom, playing a sorting game with the coloured animals, role playing families in the home corner and racing around the reused cardboard road with the trucks and cars.

The children are having a lovely rest after our fun morning and are looking forward to our delicious cupcakes this afternoon.

Lots of love,

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Otavia xx