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Welcome to Tuesday 😊

It was a fun filled day here at Riversdale for our Pre-Kindergarten children. This morning we had an engaging and relaxed play to slowly warm up to the day. This morning we listened to the Curious George album by Jack Johnson while we played around the yard. The children were enjoying the water tub tray filled with cups, spoons, and jugs to use to transfer the water and building in groups using the construction blocks and sticks. A few children worked together on a role play story, building a “Photobooth”. Miss TJ got her picture taken and then had to “come back in 5 days at 4:45” to collect her picture, according to Marlie and Ellie.

We came inside to join on the mat and mark the role. Ayla asked if we could sing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and then Hendrix suggested ‘Skinner Marinky’. We had a discussion on how the kindy photo’s will work over the next few days, practicing our smiles. Miss TJ then asked the children what they would like to play with today. Ivy asked for painting, Lily asked for magnets, Willow asked for the “Moo cows” (farm animals) and Zachary and Jake asked for cars. We transitioned off to the activities giving out high-5’s, hugs and fist bumps.

Miss Livia organised water colour paints on one table since the children really enjoyed doing this yesterday. Again, today they were super engaged in the water colour activity, really concentrating on their techniques. On another table we had small white boards with number and letter magnets and our shape magnets. The children had fun doing Miss TJ’s hair and make up over at the Salon and role-playing stories with each other at the farm animal table and building roads and bridges out of our large blocks for the cars.

Zachary and Emerson had a blast at tennis while the rest of the group enjoyed a play in the sand pit before lunch time!


Enjoy your afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx