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Welcome to Tuesday’s blog

Today we celebrate National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day! Our group time consisted of a discussion on what the day is all about. We had a look at the Children’s Day website where we watched a clip on how we can celebrate which said we could dance, sing, play and do art to acknowledge the culture. This years theme is- WE ARE THE ELDERS OF TOMORROW, HEAR OUR VOICE. Our friend Arlo was super excited to share his didgeridoo that he made with his Dad at home, reusing a cardboard tube which is awesome sustainability. Arlo showed us how to play the didgeridoo and also share his big Aboriginal Flag from home. This extended our discussion on what each colour of the flag represented. The yellow represents the sun, red is the earth and land and black represents the people.

While researching and absorbing the culture through the computer we noticed the traditional face painting and dot painting. To follow up our findings we organised dot painting on the art table using cotton buds and earth colours to try out the dot painting technique on a bunch of leaves from the trees that had fallen. It was great to see the children trying to dot painting and also use the buds to swipe paint across the leaves. Miss TJ also used earth colour face paints to paint aboriginal symbols and dot painting onto our faces. Zander asked if we could do drawing today and so e grabbed out the resources and the children wanted to try and draw the aboriginal flag using red, black and yellow. It was so great to see that they wanted to extend off our learning at group time and could remember the meaning behind each colour. On the mat we danced, played clap sticks and sung a long to the wombat wobble, taba naba and other song sung by aboriginal or/and Torres strait islander’s.

What a fantastic day spent together!

Lots of love,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx