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 Happy Tuesday

Today we looked at ways we can reuse our recylced items that we have been collecting. We flicked through one of our sustainability books at group time to see other ways that children have used their imagination to create using recycled items. The children loved the monsters made out of toilet paper rolls and the beautiful hanging mobiles.

During activity time we had the doors open for the children to choose to play either outside or inside which we are finding the children are loving as they get to make their own decision on where they want to play. Inside Miss TJ set up a table with orange, pink, yellow and blue paint and some of the recylced items for the children to paint as we decided to make our very own Pre- Kindy mobile. Today’s task was to paint the items and then tomorrow we will thread them through some wool to hang on an old bicycle wheel that we found in the shed. It was a fun group project painting together!

Another recycling activity that we did was making our own toilet paper people just like the book from the morning where they made monsters. We grabbed all of our toilet paper rolls that we have collected and Miss TJ stuck on some “hair” which was strips of paper stuck on the top of the roll. Since the children have been enjoying cutting with scissors we decided to give our little people a hair cut. The children absolutely LOVED this experience. They drew a face onto their roll and then gave their roll an awesome new hairstyle. We kept all of the “hair” (paper) to reuse in collage in the future. It is so fun to be SUSTAINABLE. Children’s voice during experience (their conversations were just too cute not to share):

Emerson- He doesn’t have any hair left

Marlie- This one’s my Daddy. He’s got extra short hair. I love mine!

William- My one’s got a angry face. I go hair dresser with my Daddy. We can recycle it and reuse it for something else.

Asher- My one has lots of faces

Ayla- My Monster!

Hendrix- I’m cutting the tree’s up


Outside the children enjoyed climbing and running around the playground and the grass hill and watching the trucks and cars go by 😊

Hope you have a lovely afternoon,

Lots of love Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx