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Happy Tuesday Superheroes!

It was a SUPER day for Pre-Kindergarten who were SUPER excited to show off their amazing SUPERHERO costumes! The children were playing in small groups, some role-playing superheroes and others enjoying what the outdoors had on offer.
We have a new friend, Jake who started today and impressed us with his confidence to meet all of his classmates and joined in on the games. At our morning group time Jake stood up in front of the class, letting us know a few things about himself and what he loves to play with. We learnt that Jake likes playdough, drawing, playing with cars and planting trees. The group then sung along to some of our favourite nursery rhymes before starting some planned and spontaneous experiences in the classroom.

We decided to enjoy our classroom for the start of activity time and then we opened the doors half an hour before lunch to have a run outside and continue the superhero games and burn off some energy! Inside we made our very own superhero arm bands out of strips of coloured paper and we decorated them with pens. The children chose the wooden nuts and bolts to build with and explore their fine motor skills. We grabbed out the trains and cars to extend off Jake’s interest and of course a few of our children’s love for vehicles. The small group used one of the bed mattresses as a ramp for the cars. Miss TJ played a TOUCH and FEEL game with a few of the children using a wooden box with a hole in it to reach your hand inside to feel different textures. The children closed their eyes while Miss TJ put either a shell, rock, ball of wool, dried seed from a tree and playdough inside. This gave the children the opportunity to explore describing words and feel different textures with their hands such as hard, soft, smooth, squishy etc. They absolutely LOVED this experience and are enjoying exploring our different senses. Watch this space as we will be doing lots of fun sensory experiences over the next few days.

We hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday 😊

Lots of love from,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx