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Good afternoon parents and guardian’s,

After group time we made our way out to the outdoor environment, Miss Bek set up a dinosaur sensory experience in a mud puddle we found outside earlier, she added leaves and twigs and a handful of toy dinosaurs. Bjorn, Harrison, Ivy, Harry and Colton all thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Miss Tiff initiated a game in the outdoor classroom, she placed 3 hoola hoops on the ground an equal distance from each other and a box of small wooden blocks in the middle, Miss Tiff called the blocks eggs and paired the children off, 2 children sat in each hoola hoop and when Tiff said ready set go, they were to run to the box and grab an egg and carry it back to their hoola hoop until all the eggs were gone. Delila, Avila, Harper, Harrison, Aleksander and Charlotte all enjoyed this game.

Chanel and Ivy were busy sharing the red bike, they took turns and riding each other around the hill. Aleksander and Avila joined in on the black bike and Harrison and Charlotte had a turn too. Miss Bek sat at the drawing table with Harry, Myla, Chanel and Charlotte. Charlotte drew a picture of her as a big sister, Harry was busy drawing dinosaurs, Harrison drew a superman with wings and a dragonfly, Chanel practiced writing her name and Myla enjoyed exploring the yellow pencils and crayons. Bjorn, Charlotte and Colton raced the trucks down the hill.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiff.