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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog

What a fun morning, climbing and balancing our way across the obstacle course that was built for the morning play. We set up ladders that they had to climb up and down, stepping stones, balance over the bridge and crab crawl along the rope which was a bit of a challenge. To walk along the rope we learnt how to crab walk to the side coordinating our arms and legs to grab hold of the rope and pull along. “I did it!” said Emerson as he made it all the way to the end of the course. His friends weren’t too far behind him, developing stronger gross motor skills. Continuing on from our learning yesterday of the whale that saves the ocean from pollution we decided to focus on ways we can help stop people from throwing rubbish on the floor or in the waterways. Going back to the story ‘The whale’s tale’ we watched the part where the boy is making signs to hand out to the community to educate them on putting their rubbish in the bin. The children are becoming more and more passionate and understanding of the world around them and how we can help save our planet while learning and extending on the topic. Transitioning off to the activities we played the numeracy game called, ‘Currant Buns’ which the children love as they get to practice counting together, paying the teacher for their currant bun and holding their friends hand to move to the activities as the transition.

At the table we decided to create our very own signs using charcoal chalk and oil pastels to tell everyone the importance of picking up rubbish and placing it into a bin. After the children drew amazing pictures on their signs they told Miss TJ what they would like their sign to say. Their responses were so amazing! We can’t for you to see their signs which are going to be placed on the window of our classroom. We ran another indoor outdoor set up for activity time. The children chose to have a go at the threading activity, role playing in the home corner area, building with the large blocks outside or playing at the office activity with phones, keyboards and notepads.

Clean up time! The children worked as a team to clean up the classroom today, using wipes to clean up the drawing table and helping each other pick up items. Well done Pre Kindy! A few friends asked if we could do Yoga today, so before we had some delicious soup, bread and salad lunch we made a circle on the mat and calmly stretched our bodies. Marlie even showed us how to meditate and say “Ommm”. The children were focused and engaged in the stretching and were listening to the instructions so well.

We hope you have a lovely afternoon.

We would also like to invite anyone to share any ideas on activities we could extend on in the classroom to do with SAVING OUR PLANET. Since the children are loving this topic!

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x