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Wednesday’s Blog

Wonderful Wednesday in Pre-Kindergarten 😊 This morning we had an art class with Miss Vee, which was super fun as the Pre K children love being creative! Miss Vee brought out wax blocks for the children to draw on their white page. The children were confused at the start saying that the wax wasn’t work but Miss Vee soon assured them that they would see some magic soon. The children were then given yellow water colour paint and a brush to paint over their page. We started to see some of the wax drawings appeared through the paint. Miss Vee then swapped the yellow for blue water colour. Some of the children used painted the colours separately and others combined the two. The children noticed that when we mix yellow and blue together, it made green.

At the end of the painting session we joined together on the mat to share our pictures with the class. The children were invited up one at a time to tell us about their painting. Miss TJ and Miss Livia were super impressed by the children using their voice and being so confident to share their thoughts. The class had so much fun!

Emerson, Joseph and William had so much fun at sports, for their first session back since before COVID19. The group love getting back into it and couldn’t wait to tell everyone all about it. (Sorry about no pictures for football but we will definitely get some next time!)

Pre K then had a big run around outside, sliding down the hill and riding around on the bikes before coming back inside for a group time where Miss TJ dressed up as ‘Miss Nancy’ who was an older lady reading the children a book. Miss Nancy read ‘Pog’ which was about a monster who was afraid of children.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx