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Good afternoon friends and families

This morning the Pre Kindy children had a blast taking turns on the bikes and driving their friends around on the back. A group children were role playing crocodile explorers over by the obstacle course, making sure not to fall off the course otherwise a crocodile might catch them.

We had an earlier start to our day for our Art class with Miss Mackenzie today. The children were engaged in Miss Mackenzie’s group time where she read the story that happens after the classic tale of Humpty Dumpty. The story was based on resilience and how Humpty Dumpty got back up and pushed through. Pre-Kindy were then invited to the tables to complete a Humpty Dumpty inspired picture, drawing the egg shape of Humpty Dumpty and using glue and block shapes of paper to stick on their page. This represented the wall being built back up. Miss Mackenzie also set up pastel colours and black paper for the children to have a go at drawing Humpty Dumpty’s transformation into a bird in the story and of course some playdough to encourage more imagination and creativity.

After our wonderful engagement in our art class we made our way outside again! The children were exhausted after running around and catching the bubbles that Miss Kate brought out for us. The Little Kickers group made their way up into the top building grass area to enjoy their soccer lesson. We are impressed with their coordination skills and giving every task their best shot.

Thank you to Hendrix for sharing his awesome pictures from his little getaway that he had with his family. It’s so lovely to hear all about your weekends, please feel free to share more. It is also a great opportunity for the children to talk in front of their peers, build confidence and encourage the children to share stories.

Hope you all enjoy your afternoon

Thank you for always being so kind. We are so lucky to have such amazing families and children in our Pre K class.

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx