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Good Afternoon 😊

We had a wonderful play outside this morning with some water play, dancing up in the treehouse, parachute games and digging for treasure in the sandpit.

Pre K started off their day with Miss Mackenzie for our art lesson. The lesson started off with a story and then we made our way over to the tables for an extension. The children explore water colour paints with the drops tool, used gel glitter pens for colouring in the mindfulness pictures and enjoyed some soft playdough. We used the playdough experiences to extend on our SENSES learning by sharing with each other, some describing words on what the dough felt like.

The children were so excited to see that our room had been moved around! Our room works so well although we wanted to expand some areas such as the home corner and the group time area. Yesterday Miss TJ and Miss Livia worked together to create a fun classroom for the children to easily move around and explore. We firstly had a group discussion on the rules of the classroom and how every toy and activity has a home to go back to. We practiced our two new songs, ‘Wind the bobbin up’ and ‘Days of the week’ before venturing off. Pre K had lots of fun moving around the room for activity time. They especially loved the group time mat where we now have large blocks.  The group used the blocks to build with and add cars to. A big group of children were enjoying the larger home corner, role playing driving to school on the bus and making lunch for their friends. On the tables we had free drawing with pens and a matching game on our 5 SENSES.

Just before lunch we made our way over to the ‘slides playground’ to run around and enjoy some sunshine. We played running races, spot the animals on the land next to our kindy, using our sense of sight and playing follow the leader.

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon 😊

See you next time,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx