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Welcome to Pre-Kindergartens Blog

-The sun was shining; the weather was sweet. Made us want to move our dancing feet-

Pre-Kindergarten had such a lovely day together with their friends and Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊 This morning we had a few of the children ask to go and play over by the “new slides” as they like to call it so we grabbed our water bottles and hats to head over, walking so beautifully through the building. The class were screaming with joy and ran super-fast up the stairs to the top of the slides, racing each other down to do it all over again. After a run around, also enjoying the warm sun and playing on the climbing equipment we had a picnic for morning tea together. We then sang ‘Colours of Australia’ before Miss TJ found a book called ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink’ which the children pointed out the recycling symbol on the front cover. We went through the book noticing some ideas we can reuse some items for gardening or playing with. It has been so wonderful to hear from the families and the children all about how they are finding the recycle symbol on items at home, noticing them on the trucks and how the children are sustainable at home. Please continue to share with us!

Miss TJ and Miss Livia asked the children if we should go back to the classroom or stay in the new playground area and there was no question that the children wanted to stay as they all screamed, “Stay”. Arlo said, “I want to stay here forever”, William said, “I want to stay here for weeks” and then Asher said, “I want to stay here till night time”. So, we decided to stay, bringing over some drawing, threading with the beads and exploring the sand trough filled with sticks, leaves and vehicles.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx