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This week is flying by. They say time flies when you are having fun! Pre Kindergarten have definitely had a great start to the week enjoying each others compnay and building really strong relationships with their friends and educators.

This morning we played a game of ‘the rocks are lava’. A few friends were getting stuck in the lava and the children worked together to help pull their friends out and save them. We also found that a lot of the children were enjoying the kitchen area where they mixed sand, bark and leaves in the pots and pans. They loved making Miss TJ some food to try!

For our morning group time we clapped along to the alphabet and counted to 20! Thank you to our friend William who brought in an amazing story called ‘Last tree in the city’ which was a story about the importance of having plants in our world. Perfect for our topic of taking care of our planet. If you have anything to share from home, you are most welcome to bring it in. Transitioning off to our inside and outside play we played the ‘currant buns’.

Inside we invited the children to participate in another cut and paste activity since they LOVED doing the numeracy activity from yesterday. Today’s challenge was to cut out the pizza toppings and glue them on their pizza. The children persevered and were super proud of their efforts, The pizzas looked delicious. It was lovely to listen to the children’s conversations about how their families eat pizzas at home and what the like on their pizzas. The children chose the other activities which were the box of lego, matching colour coins, cars on the mat, fine motor tongs and pom poms with William’s recycled items from home and role playing in the home corner.

Outside Miss Livia invited the children to water their beans that they planted yesterday and also invited the friends who hadn’t done one yet to plant their own beans. Pre Kindy enjoyed exploring more of the yard, climbing the climbing cage, riding bikes and passing balls to each other.

We had a great calming down session where we stretched our bodies and did deep belly breaths to get rid of our monsters. The children are becoming so great at their self regulation techniques.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x