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Happy Wednesday

Art Class with Miss Vee: Today we focused on a story called ‘I am Human’ which explored life and all the possibilities presented. Through these possibilities we learn, dream and make mistakes. From these experiences we discover emotions and feelings by- Susan Verde.  The children participated in a meditation before making their way to the tables to enjoy some art and other activities such as play dough, hair and make up station and building with blocks (which seem to be their favourite choice of experiences lately). For our activity following on from the story we focused on the four primary emotions- happy, sad, angry and fear. Through creating scribble creatures’ the children made decisions around what colours represented emotions with how the creature should look in physical presentation.

The Little Big Sports group practiced a few exercises and drills such as tapping the ball with their foot and then the other foot and throwing the ball. Just as we headed outside to have a run around the clouds came over and its started to sprinkle with rain. The children were staying under cover at first putting out their hands to feel the nice cool rain and then eventually we all made our way outside to run around under the light rain drops. Even laying down and looking up at the sky to watch the water fall onto our bodies.

We are super excited for our Halloween party tomorrow! Feel free to dress up!

Enjoy your afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx