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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog

 What a lovely cool winters day. Pre Kindergarten were all snuggled up in their warm clothes when they arrived to kindy as the temperature was quite cold. The weather never stops the children from having the most fun.

Excited for the day the class sat beautifully reading their own books or listening to Miss Lyn read ‘Is your grandmother a goanna?’ who was visiting us for a little bit. We stretched our body and sang some songs that the children chose to warm up our voices and then transitioned off to our activities by listening out for the colours that Miss TJ called put to see if they had that colour on any of their clothing.

Today’s fun filled activities included continuing our paper mache balloon of Earth which the children have been really working hard on, ripping the small pieces of newspaper, and gluing it on the balloon. The children enjoyed some table top activities which they chose from the shelves including shape matching boards and colour matching animals. We had a collage table again for the group to explore their creativity side with scissors, glue, stencils and collage materials.

A few friends came over to observe their plants with the magnifying glasses and had discussions with each other on what they beans and alfalfa look like now They are growing so quickly! We will be sending them home next week for the children to show their families and can even plant in their garden.

Yesterday we visited the new slides and the children couldn’t stop talking about them today so we decided that we would take small groups over to enjoy the exciting area. Miss TJ split the class in three group to have a play, running up the stairs and sliding straight down the slides. We then made our way over to the sand pit to explore before having a delicious lunch.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x