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Happy Wednesday parents and caregivers,

The wet weather has decided to stay around today resulting in the children spending the most of their time indoors. Luckily enough we had the ocean life show with Miss Beck from marine education.As we got ready for todays Ocean life show, we sat down and asked the children what kind of sea creatures we can find in the ocean. This sparked interest with a majority of the class here are their responses:
Harrison – sea cucumber
Harper – sea shells
Harry – sea turtles
Harrison – crocodiles
Ryan – fish
Charlotte – sharks
Harry – star fish.

After morning tea we popped on our shoes and hats and went for a little walk up to the top centre through the toddler yards and sat on the toddler 2 mat. We were greeted by Miss Beck from Marine education. We started by singing and dancing to the deep blue sea song. We then gathered around some blue fabric sitting on the floor, on top of the fabric sat pieces of rubbish and some soft sea creatures. Our task was to clean up the rubbish and pop it in the bin to keep the creatures safe. As the show progressed, we got to use our gentle finger to feel sea stars, a sea cucumber, sea urchin and sea snails. Before the show concluded and Miss Beck had to leave, we were given the opportunity to participate in activities such as a matching card game with sea animals, colour sorting game finding the right home for each fish using colour recognition, puzzles and ocean themed calming bottles.

The Pre-Kindergarten children had a great time.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.

I look forward to meeting you all and building a great rapport with you all, please if you have any questions or information you would love to ask or share don’t hesitate to let me know, Thank you for being so welcoming to me as I start my amazing journey here in Pre kindergarten and Riversdale early learning. – Miss Bek

Unfortunately todays photos are having trouble uploading to the blog, Bare with me and watch this space while we keep trying!