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Wonderful Wednesday for Pre-Kindergarten!

This morning we had our art lesson with Miss Vee where we spoke about our senses and Miss Vee read the class a story about peace. Following on from this discussion we focused on the sense SOUND, talking about thunderstorms. We made sounds with our hands and mouth to imitate rain drops and thunder. We then took this to the craft table making thunderstorms with paint. We used corks to tap the  different shades of blue paint and white paint onto the page which splatted paint all over our page, looking like the dark clouds and water from a thunderstorm.

We then made our way outside to explore the playground and let our some of our energy. The children enjoyed the water painting on the cubby house, pretending to give it a nice paint of colour. They also enjoyed some more dot painting with the cotton buds onto a bunch of leaves.

Emerson shared a photo of when he went to a Return and Earn, handing in a few recycling items that he and his family collected. Emerson told us all about about his adventure and how the machine works. We then watched a clip of a family on youtube visiting a Return and Earn. It was great to hear a few of our other friends have been their too.

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx