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Welcome to Wacky Wednesday in the PK Room alongside Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Kate today!  🙂  This morning the children had such a busy time with lots of learning opportunities for them to participate in.  We combined morning tea outside with small groups of children taking it in turns to participate in the Art and Craft Program Incursion – ‘Building Spatial Awareness Through Movement.’  The children listened to the RAINBOW FISH STORY, exploring movement from a fish’s perspective, demonstrating the importance of sharing and finding balance in yourself. The children then took the story to the art table. The group were invited to make colourful bubbly patterns just like the Rainbow fish using rolling pins and recycled bubble wrap to roll onto their paper.

Pre Kindy then were excited to run around outside and burn off some energy. They played games with Miss Livia and were also invited to play the TOUCH and FEEL game that we played yesterday, using their sense of touch to feel different items in a box with their hands and express what it feels like. We also grabbed out a couple of paint colours to take outside with us to paint what we could see in our surroundings, exploring our sense of sight.

In the afternoon we read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, having fun with the different sounds and doing actions along to the story. Thank you to Emerson who shared his awesome wooden batman mobile ! The children thought is was pretty cool.

We are loving all of the SUPERHERO outfits! Well done everyone!

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Kate xxx