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Happy Friday Pre Kindy Families 🙂

Another very cold start to the day, was really good to see all the children coming with warm clothes and shoes on! With the cold months upon us we are encouraging children to keep their shoes and jumpers on whilst we play outside.

We started off our morning in Kindy 3 for those who arrive before 8am, at 8am we then split up and head to Senior Kindy classroom for some further inside play, then as the morning warms up will then determine when we head outside 🙂

This mornings inside activities saw Cruiz and Lincoln build a race track where they then raced cars around and around. Myla, Harry and Harrison.M spent the morning playing with playdough creating sea animals. As more friends joined us and the weather warmed we headed outside with some children racing for the bikes and other racing to get the dump trucks. Colton and Bjorn got themselves some dump trucks and then were using the gymnastic equipment to build a ramp and race the trucks down the ramp, they were seeing whos went faster and which one would go the furthers. We welcomed 2 new children into Pre Kindy today Alya and Harrison, they have both settled in so nicely with Aleksandar, Amelia, Harry and Lincoln welcoming them as friends. They all along with Miss Tiffany headed to the sandpit to go on a hunt for shells.

We then headed inside to wash and dry our hands before having some yummy morning tea, After morning tea the children went and self selected activities. Grace, Ella, Ayla, Ameila and Myla head over to the construction area and started to play with the dominos, they shared them amongst each other and then proceeded to match them all up. The boys headed for the rocket ship, where they took turns playing with the gadgets on the ship. Harper, Charlotte and Romney spent time with with the animals playing in the park designed by Miss Bek. We then tidied up the classroom Miss Lara read us a story as we waited for our turn at Funky Feet dancing!

With dancing finishing up we got our jumpers, shoes and hats on and we headed outside.

This afternoon we will enjoy lunch and afternoon tea whilst taking some time to relax.

We hope that all families have a safe and happy weekend! Photos will be printed and displayed in the classroom from 3pm onwards if you wish to have a look at snippets from our day 🙂

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany