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Good afternoon and Happy Friday to our Pre Kindy families and carers. With a smaller group of friends today, the children chose a spontaneous day with activities of their choosing. The connection blocks were popular with Narla, Otto & Ellie who was proud to show us that she had created a fairy princess crown. 👑 Also popular was the dress ups, with Charlotte & Eva dressing up tp be princesses & Mariah borrowed Miss Donnas’s crown & wand, dancing around the room singing.
Other activities included painting, where Otto told Miss Lyn he was painting “A Machine Tractor’ … so creative. Well done Otto, your masterpiece is awesome! Our yarn time story today was about an octopus named Olly who loved to eat cake, and Eva told us that was sad, because if he ate too much cake he would be sick. We also played a matching game with the sea creatures in the trough, matching them to corresponding pictures on the table. In home corner we had a tea party for the babies & then it was time for dancing with Miss Jen. We love doing the different dance moves and games. Today in particular we enjoyed a game of Halloween Freeze, where we had to freeze like statues when Miss Jen said ‘BOO’

We hope you all have a lovely weekend & look forward to seeing you next week…. love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn 😊💕😊