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Hello everyone and welcome to FANTASTIC Friday! We had lots of fun outdoors this morning digging in the sandpit, walking along obstacle courses, kicking balls and swinging on the big swing.

Once we came indoors, we had a scrumptious morning tea consisting of assorted fruits, yoghurt and granola. Everyone enjoyed it today. Following on from this, we read a cute story about a puppy called “Muddy Paws”. This was also a great opportunity for some of the children to talk about their own pets. Harvey told us all about his dog Sizzle, and Zahra told us about Mindy.

Miss Jeni (Funky Feet Dance) arrived after group time, and the children were so excited to have our class in the outside classroom. Everyone enjoyed using their pom poms today. Harley showed some great moves today, whilst Jamal, Maia, Ellie and Ivy performed fantastic solos with their pom poms – great work friends!

During indoor morning activity time we talked about Autumn, then set about decorating Autumn leaves with collage materials and yellow flower petals. Kaylee, Maia, William and Ivy worked very hard on theirs, selecting a wide variety of collage materials to cut and paste.

We also enjoyed the following play-based learning experiences:

  • Small Lego construction – Jamal made some great towers and a garage for his car
  • Drawing with textas at the easel – Kaylee did a fantastically detailed drawing and was so proud of her work!
  • Jamal and Harvey made “monsters” from playdough, whilst Ivy used a rolling pin and cookie cutters to make lots of different stars
  • Harley and William continued to do lots of ironing in home corner today, and followed this up with cooking a meal together

Please enjoy today’s blog and photos. I hope you all have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. See you all next week! Love Miss Donna X