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HAPPY FRIDAY Families & friends. This morning after our acknowledgement to country I read two Dreamtime stories to the children – Tiddalick The Frog & The Rainbow Serpent. The children enjoyed these stories and were intrigued by the colourful snake. Also today we celebrated the Hindu custom of Diwali which is the Hindu New Year, which is also known as The Festival of Lights. To celebrate this the children were give the opportunity to create Diwali fireworks, using colourful paints and the inside of kitchen towel rolls. Other activities today included, car play on the big car mat, hairdresser role play, free drawing with the plastic stencils, home area role play and quiet reading. Then it was time for Funky Feet Dance with Miss Jen, where we busted a move to some Christmas tunes. The children have enjoyed their day and they hope you have enjoyed yours. See you all next week. Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Deb 😊❤️😊