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Hello and happy Friday 🙂

We welcome all our families reading todays blog. We hope that you have had a productive and enjoyable week and are looking forward to the up coming weekend with your little ones.

Next week we encourage all parents to take a moment to look at all of our lost property and shoe basket to retrieve any items that may belong to you. At the end of the week any unclaimed clothes and shoes will be donated.

This morning we welcomed Harry, Lincoln, Harrison M, Harrison L, Ariana, Grace, Ella, Aleksandar, Amelia, Cruiz, Romney, Bjorn and Vaughn.  This morning saw Harry spend time with Miss Tiffany, we were doing some exercise as Harry found an “exercise stick” a toy shaped very similar to a pump bar with weights on. We did some shoulder press, bicep curls and even got down on the ground to do some push ups. Ariana, Romney and Aleksandar spent the morning together roaming the playground, they were practicing their balance whilst preforming cool tricks on the tight ropes as well as searching for shells in the sand pit. Bjorn, Lincoln and Cruiz spent the morning taking turns chasing one another around the room. Ella and Grace played hopscotch with each other using the hula hoops. Harrison M spent time with Miss Tiffany talking about clocks and how they work, what powers them and what happens when it stops working, we even managed to find a battery to change the clock and make it work again! Harrison L spent the morning in the sandpit where he was building and busting down hills.

As morning tea arrived we got all our friends into the classroom and ready for some nutritious food! This morning we had yoghurt, granola, banana, mango and watermelon. After morning tea we then headed into self-select activities Ariana and Harrison M got the pencils and paper out and started drawing, with Ariana drawing a picture and explaining to Miss Bek that it is dream world to which she said “Mummy takes me to Dreamworlds”. Vaughn, Lincoln and Romney were in a build and bust it down mood, they found all the soft foam rocks in the room built the biggest tower they could and then busted it down. Grace, Milly, Alex, Cruiz, Harrison L and Ella all flocked to the tables as Miss Tiffany brought out some playdough. Ella made lots of balls out of her playdough and proceeded to flatten them all with the rolling pin, laughing with her self whilst doing it. We then packed everything up and got ready for Funky Feet dancing.

This afternoon will see us enjoy our lunch and taking some time to rest our bodies before we gear up for a fun afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend, and we will see everyone next week 🙂

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.