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Good afternoon to our Pre Kindy families, we hope you are having a wonderful Friday. What a fun day we have had today with activities chosen by the children … Mace engaged in a conversation on the phone, where Miss Lyn heard him say “Hi hi, where are you? Okay, I love you bye.” He then continued with office role play with the computer keyboards & note pads, with Myah & Charlotte jointing him. Other activities chosen today were Play dough with the cookie cutters & paddle pop sticks – Painting with the neon paint pens, Ellie proudly exclaimed she was painting a rainbow. Eva & Narla also chose to paint, while chatting about the bright colours they were using. Mariah chose to read a book in our reading area & at group time we all sat looking at a book about insects, all the children showed curiosity about the different insects in the book & Otto was particularly interested in bees. He told us all that bees make yummy honey. We also participated in our weekly dance class “Funky Feet” with Miss Jen.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend & look forward to seeing you all on Monday .. love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn 😉💕😊 xx