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Happy Friday pre-kindy… only 5 more sleeps until Christmas! It is coming up so fast!

After morning tea today we wanted to help Miss Donna with some cleaning jobs so we filled the trough with soapy water and we helped clean the Blocks and the home corner play food in preparation for next year. We learnt about how if we do not clean our toys or our hands before we eat that we might transfer germs, so it is very important to keep our toys and ourselves clean and tidy.

Then we came inside and Miss Amanda and Miss Donna bought in photos of their children and their families to share with the children and we spoke about everyone`s brother`s and sister`s names. We talked about how old they were and what they liked to do with their siblings and families.

Following this, we enjoyed engaging with the following play-based activities:

– Playdough with plastic Christmas trees and gingerbread man cutters

– Drawing on the white boards with bright coloured textas

– Christmas coloured painting with glitter and sequins

– Playing in home corner with our pretend coloured coins

If this is your last day in the pre-kindy room we want to say thank you for a beautiful time this year, it has been very enjoyable watching you all grow and learn even within such a short space of time. Have a fantastic weekend and to those attending Monday and Tuesday next week see you all again next week.

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx