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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to fun Friday! During outdoor play this morning we had a great time blowing and catching bubbles. Narla, Mariah, Otto, Ellie, Eva, Charlotte and Mace all had lots of fun practising their blowing skills!

This was followed up by learning new action songs once we went indoors. “Jump, Jump Josie” and “Little Grey Pony” were enjoyed by everyone today – so much high jumping, galloping and clapping – well done Pre-Kindy friends!

The children also enjoyed Funky Feet Dance class with Miss Jenn today – Charlotte is really engaging with the “Macarena” dance movements so well.

Other fun activities available today were:

– Green and red acrylic painting with gold cardboard pieces and white patty pans – Mariah showed so much concentration

– Connecta blocks – Mace interconnected the blocks to make a square, and Otto appeared to enjoy them too

– Decorating Christmas baubles with PVC glue and multi-coloured sequins – Eva and Oli worked so well together – great helping Eva!

– Playdough with small plastic containers, rolling pins and cookie cutters

We sincerely hope you all have a lovely weekend. Until next week, take care!

Love Miss Donna and Miss Livia  xxxxxxx