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Hello to all our Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to Monday. Today we had a very special day with our friends on yoga class, we all participate and relaxed. It was an amazing experience where we learned how to breath in a way we could relax our body and minds. That way, Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical well being.We all love yoga!! Mis Donna and Ivy did the exercise together, it was so cute!


Today was a very special day also for our friend Kaylee, she was so proud of her new shoes, she was showing to everyone in the room. Oli and Arlo helped to clean the blackboard by showing that they are connected with and contribute to their world.

Arlo made pancakes for all of us, it was delicious!!! Marlie and Oli always together in a beautiful relationship, best friends ever! Harley was so concentrated nailing to pieces with nails on his cork board, he did a great job!

Today we also had a LOVE HEART moment, we did paint activity painting beautiful hearts for Valentines day, Harvey, Ivy Ellie and Kaylee  were so excited, they loved stick on pink and red papers and decorating their hearts, great job guys!

Miss Donna brought a new toy today, two toolboxes!!!  We all waited Miss Livia and Miss Dona to prepare the set up very politely and when it was ready we had fun like never before as you all can see in the photos.


I hope you all like our news as we like our day at kind.

Lots of Love Miss Livia and Miss Donna.