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Welcome everyone to a sunny, yet cool Monday! Today, Pre-Kindy and Senior Kindy are combining as Miss TJ is away. During the morning we enjoyed easel painting on the outside verandah. Eva painted a castle, Ellie painted a rainbow, and Kerim painted a picture for his mummy. Today we begin to explore science-based activities this week as part of National Science Week.

During the day we explored how to make secondary colours from mixing primary water colours together with pippettes. Xavier, Hazel and Mace found this quite fascinating, and enjoyed naming the new colours they created when two colours were mixed together. We also tried our hand at “magic”painting, using white candles and water colours. This helped children begin to understand how water and wax do not mix.

We also explored how germs spread quickly from one person to the next using glitter. This was a good way to remind children about the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of germs and cross-infection/illness….everyone took their hand washing more seriously (and thoroughly) today.  Marshall, Reid and Myah were particularly vigilant in washing their hands after they saw how far the “glitter germs”spread from person to person.

Lots of fun was had with the sack racing indoors….the look on the children’s faces was priceless!

Until to morrow, have a lovely day everyone.

Love Miss Donna and Miss Lyn 🙂