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Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday!

We had lots of fun outdoors with water play and sea animals. Oli showed the water play to everyone who arrived at kindy, he loved it!

Ellie, Marlie and Kaylee were role playing in the wooden cubby house pretending that it was a café. It was cute to see them buying and selling sandwiches and juices!

Today in our Pre-Kindy room we talked about the seasons and colours.

To explain the seasons of the year we did an activity with symbols like the sun for summer, flowers for spring, snowflake for winter and a leaf for autumn. They made crepe paper balls and then put them in the symbols turning everything into beautiful and colourful collage.

Also, today we read lots of books with Miss Livia and Miss Dominique. By the way they were very interested in books today as you can see in the photos, we found it amazing!

We read a book “Don’t Think About Purple Elephants” and Marlie, Zahra and Ellie made purple elephants with the blocks, they were very proud of themselves.

On the mat we were expressing our emotions by showing sad, surprised and happy faces.

During the afternoon, the following play-based experiences were available in your Pre-Kindy room:

  • Wooden train tracks with lots of wooden trains
  • Assorted puzzles and magnet boards
  • Small Lego on Lego boards
  • Kitchen home corner
  • hammer and nails on cork board

We hope you enjoy the photos of your child’s day.

Much love, Miss Livia and Miss Dominique xxx