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Hello and welcome to a brand new week with all our friends in the pre-kindy class. Today on the gender Miss Steph arranged an outdoor learning experience with the children to develop the concept of float or sink. This came about from a visit from Miss Kylie while we were having our morning tea. We had waffles and the children were dunking them in the honey and exploring where honey comes from. Then we had a conversation on how do bees get there food to make the honey. And Reid said they need water and the water comes from the taps and after more thinking he said that it goes down the drains. So as a class we ventured outside to find the drains and what is inside them. Kerim was using his thinking hat after speaking about Insy Wincy Spider in the drain. Miss Steph also pointed out that plants were living in the drain. So then we went to find some plants to put in the water to see if they would float or sink. Then we also picked up some sticks, leaves and rocks to discover what would happen. So that is how the outdoor experience came about and a small tale of the adventures of Pre-Kindy. I hope you enjoy the tale the photos tell of all our adventures for the day.

Miss Steph xx