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Hello everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and some outdoor time with your family.

The fine weather has continued today so Oli, Asher, Kaylee and Ellie spent time outside this morning constructing roads and highways with assorted wooden planks and wooden shapes. Such engineers in the making. Ellie, Kaylee and Asher then decided to become a bit creative and use Miss Donna as a human roadway for a short while as well! Harvey enjoyed making “meals” from sand, water and woodchips, whilst Zander pushed some of his friends on the giant swing.

Once indoors, and after a yummy morning tea consisting of yoghurt, assorted fruits and granola, the children participated with some, or all of the following play-based learning experiences:

  • Being imaginative with an assortment of vehicles on the brand-new giant road/city mat. The children were very engrossed in moving their vehicles along various roads and over bridges. Arlo exclaimed that he had to “fill his car up with petrol” at the petrol station, whilst Oli and Marlie drove their toy ambulance directly to the hospital. As the new mat also has many numbers written on it as well, it was a great, spontaneous opportunity for Miss Donna to engage children in number recognition/naming (1-10). Zahra, Ellie and Arlo particularly enjoyed naming the different numbers.

  • Miss Manuela had quite a crowd at the craft table this morning, where the children were able to refine/extend their scissor/cutting skills; cutting long strips of coloured paper into various sizes and then gluing it onto paper with glue sticks. Ivy, Harley, Harvey spent at least 20 minutes on their work, each selecting different pieces of coloured paper, cutting them with regular scissors and with crinkly/shape making scissors and then going on to glue their cut pieces onto other paper. There are many benefits to cutting with scissors, including independent movements of each finger, strengthening hand muscles, bilateral coordination skills (two-handed coordination), visual motor skills (eye-hand coordination), visual perceptual tasks (directionality) and fine motor skills (separation of hand, finger dexterity)
  • Yoga with Miss Hayley this morning was very much enjoyed by all our friends – especially when we got a chance to jump around like rabbits, and to use our special “breath” ball. Such a lovely way to relax before lunch!

Please enjoy today’s blog. We hope you all have a very pleasant evening with your loved ones. See you tomorrow! Miss Donna and Miss Manuela XX