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Hello to all our Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to Monday. We hope that all of you were okay in the downpour experienced over the weekend, and that you have not experienced too much damage to your property. Let us also hope that some of the rain was received where it was very much needed in light of areas affected by drought and/or fire.

On that note, I would like to invite you all to attend our “Bushfire Fund Raiser” and “Welcome BBQ” this Thursday, between 5-6 pm outside in the playground. We hope that families will buy some raffle tickets to win our great “Aussie Day” hamper, which will be drawn at the event, and/or donate a gold coin to the charity you connect with most (WIRES, NSW Rural Fire Service or Beyond Blue – Fire Support). We very much hope to see you all on Thursday night!

We had a very relaxed day today with a small group of friends, and started off our morning playing outside, where we drew with large chunky chalk on the bricks, practised our ball throwing, catching and kicking skills, and had fun on the giant swing.

Following our yummy morning tea, the children engaged with the following:

– Painting at the craft table with assorted acrylic paints, and placing glittery sequins on top

– Playing with our new mini wooden train tracks and various wooden accessories: the children were so good at sharing today and waiting their turn for an available wooden train carriage – well done!

– Rolling and manipulating playdough, and cutting it with plastic scissors – so good for enhancing our fine-motor/pre-writing skills!

– We had so much fun with Miss Hayley, our Yoga teacher today. We got to practise some new routines/stretches and poses, and also did lots of relaxing breath work to prepare us for lunch and rest time

Please enjoy the photos of your child’s day, and we shall see you again tomorrow.

Much love,

Miss Donna and Miss Livia xx