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Hello Pre-Kindy Families and a warm Happy Monday to all 🙂

We hope that you all enjoyed your weekend with the little one and had some fun adventures. We are looking forward to the week ahead!

This morning we lucky enough to have Miss Emmanuelle join us, she is the best story teller. The children are always so engaged when ever she is there with her suitcase filled with stories.  So we started our morning off inside with some stories as we waited for the sun to rise and warm the sky so we could head outside.

This morning at Kindy we welcomed Harry, Colton, Ariana, Ivy, Lincoln, Charlotte, Romney, Harrison, Lachlan, Ryan, Cruiz, Madalyn and Lincoln. Colton, Lincoln and Cruiz headed for the bikes as they raced each other around the track whilst the rest of the class was up in the tree house with Miss Tiffany where we spent the morning popping bubbles after many of our friends requested bubbles! As our outdoor time neared to its end we then headed inside to wash and dry our hands.

This morning tea was Vege Slice served with fresh fruit. Today the children were not feeling adventurous so they stuck to what they know and enjoyed the fruit! This morning we had self-select activities along with a teacher lead activity. Todays teacher lead activity was based around collaging. We had egg cartons, colour paper, glue and paint brushes. Miss Tiffany worked alongside Ivy, Myla, Ariana, Charlotte and Madalyn, we practiced holding scissors correctly whilst having fun making colleges within our egg cartons! The girls really enjoyed this arts and craft project. Whilst we were busy with that the boys were in their own world, we had Ryan, Harrison and Lachlan playing with the rocket ship as they took turns taking things up and down in the left. Cruiz and Lincoln were playing with the animals and Colton and Romney were in the calm corner building pillow forts.

We then headed outside for some more fun, we had yoga for all those who wanted to participate. Ryan, Lachlan, Colton and Ivy spent time in the mud kitchen with Miss Tiffany where it was cupcake and pancake galore. Once we had made the pancakes Lachlan decided to added some sauce, Miss Tiffany asked “what sauce should we have” Lachlan responded “I like chocolate” Ryan said “I like barbeque” Lachlan then turned to Ryan and said “You can’t have barbeque on pancakes you silly” and they both had a laugh! Ariana, Romney and Charlotte were playing on the monkey bars.

As lunch arrived we headed inside to enjoy some yummy food. Today we had vegetable soup served with rice and a salad bar. Lunch was a hit today with almost all the food being eaten! After lunch we headed to our beds for some rest. We look forward to the afternoon and cannot wait to see more of our friends tomorrow.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany