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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy families

Happy Thursday! Another big day here in the Pre-Kindy room as we welcomed so many friends this morning, today at kindy we have; Harry, Colten, Myla, Everlea, Harrison, Harper, Latika, Delila, Cohen, Lincoln, Vaughn, Sayde, Ariana, Charlotte, Ivy, Chanel, Conall, Lachlan, Bjorn and Avila.

The weather gods blessed us today with beautiful blue sky although it was a little cold, we welcomed our friends out into the yard where we had so much fun, running around playing tag, playing on the obstacle course set up in the treehouse as well as the fan favourites bikes and mud kitchen.

We then transitioned into the classroom for morning tea, Thursdays tend to be the days our friends forget how to wash their hands so Miss Tiffany jumped in to show and talk through how we do this. For morning tea we had sourdough bread and beans and tomato .

We then headed to the mat for group time, a few of our friends did not want to participate with group time so they head to the calm corner todo some quite reading, those who remained on the mat started group time of with our acknowledgement to land, we then played our solar system song, which a few of the children are now able to sing along to. Today we learnt about the next planet in the solar system which is Saturn. Today we learnt that Saturn is the flattest planet in our solar system and has rings around it, these rings are made up of dust and ice. Following on from our group time we had self select activities, some children were playing with puzzles, others were spending time in the home corner and participating in theater dress up. We had martial arts this morning so the class split into two groups to head outside and have some fun.

We had some outside time before we had lunch today, Mr Andrews from Kindergarten had all of the children actively watching and listening as he demonstrated what an active volcano looks like.

For lunch today we had rice, tofu, roasted vegetables and salad bar.

We hope that everyone had a great day and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

From Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany