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Sending out a big hello to all our Pre-Kindy families on this warm and sunny Thursday!

Today in our room, construction was a very popular activity! Oli selected the small assorted foam blocks from the shelf and began building towers alongside Marlie. Both friends then worked together to build a small street full of houses. Great infrastructure and teamwork! Kaylee, Jaxon, Indi, Maia and Ivy also joined in. For Jaxon, Maia and Ivy, there was a great deal of enjoyment in building individual towers, watching them fall down and building them up all over again. For Kaylee and Indi, there was much fun to be had in making individual “fairy houses”.  Through block play, children learn so many things. Listed below are some suggested learning objectives that supports a child’s overall development:

  • Enables children to share and co‐operate with others
  • Facilitates development in spatial and mathematical realms by helping children learn to understand concepts of length, height, weight and area
  • Forces children to predict cause and effect relationships (seeing how high they can build before the blocks fall).

Our woodworking role play with hammers and other tools was also immensely popular today. The children love to put on their plastic safety goggles, use the various tools and select from a large choice of wooden blocks/planks to create many things. Ellie and Chi enjoyed pounding a hammer repetitively across a big piece of wood, whilst Asher and Zander sized up a few pieces of wood to make a road and a bridge. Experiences such as this allow for the further development of:

  1. Eye-hand coordination 2. Dexterity/fine motor 3. Problem-solving 4. Role-playing 5. Creative thinking 6. Imagination 7. Independence/self-esteem 8. Stress reliever (pounding) 9. Matching/classification 10. Sorting 11. Comparing/measuring 12. Textures and properties 13. Cooperation 14. Increased awareness and understanding of the world around them 15. Language development

Arakan Martial Art with Mr Daniel was lots of fun today. The children really enjoyed whacking the large glove and learning how to coordinate their left and right arms as instructed by Mr Daniel. Benefits to our Pre-Kindy children include:

  • Having fun, becoming assertive, not aggressive, increasing situational and environmental awareness, learning practical and effective self-defence skills, gaining self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness

Harvey enjoyed spending time in kitchen corner today. He made a fabulous “meal” for his friend Jaxon!

Please enjoy today’s blog and have a good evening. Love from Miss Donna and Miss Livia XX