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Hi everyone,

Firstly I’d like to introduce Chi to our group of pre-kindy friends. It is her first day today, and Chi had a great time in the sand pit and also playing with green coloured shaving foam at the big easel. All the children enjoyed the sensory feel of creating pictures in shaving foam and running their fingers through it over and over again. Reid and Marshall made very long wiggly snakes.

It was so lovely to get outside again today after the heavy, though much needed rain over the last few days. In the morning we went on a big long “bear hunt”outside. Fortunately we did not find any bears, although Braxton, Xavier, Eva, Lilly, Charlotte, Mariah and Ellie did their best to find one. Kerim sparked up a game with Mace involving figurines on the blue sponge mat on the table. Dylan, Genevieve and Myah were very busy and engaged chopping up the play dough preparing dinner for the teachers and friends.  Happy Thursday everyone, until tomorrow.

Hugs, Stephanie and Donna 🙂