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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy families 🙂

Happy Thursday! 


This morning we welcomed Lachlan, Ariana, Vaughn, Bjorn, Charlotte, Myla, Everlea, Delila, Ivy, Ella, Avila, Cohen, Conall, Harper, Finley, Sayde, Lincoln and Colton. 

We began our morning indoors in the Pre-Kindy classroom, as Colton and ivy arrived at Kindy they headed for the lego building a large tower, before deciding they wanted to have a picnic. Colton sourced the room for items to bring along to his picnic and Ivy invited friends to join. Conall arrived just as Colton was setting up the food so he joined along with Miss Tiff. We had cake, sandwiches and fruit. With the arrival of Myla and Lincoln we got the play dough out and started creating and cutting with different molds. 

Outdoors saw, Cohen, Sayde Lincoln and Bjorn created a game of monsters in which they were chasing each other around the entire play ground. Ariana, Charlotte, Harper, and Avila head to the monkey bars whilst Conall, Delila, Vaughn and Ivy spent time in the sand pit making dinner and milos.  Ella and Finley played on the bikes as they raced around the hill. 

We then headed inside for some morning tea, we washed and dried our hands and then collected our drink bottles before finding a seat. We finished our morning tea and then headed to the mat for group time. Group time got interrupted this morning as we had a practice fire drill! At the sound of the horn we had to stand up, make a line and then walk all the way over to the carpark. We waited for Miss Emma to give us the all clear for us to return to the classroom. Today’s teacher-led activity and learning was based around the schema trajectory we also tied in the Olympics to have a mini competition participating in the javelin throw. Instead of using a stick for the throwing we made paper airplanes. The children coloured in a piece of paper and then Miss Tiff and Miss Bek turned them into paper airplanes. We then headed outside to fly them and see how far they could go. 

We also had Arakan visit today so those who wanted to participate, before enjoying free play outdoors before heading inside for lunch and rest time. 

Today meals; 

Creamy Pear Quinoa porridge served with fresh fruit

Roast veggies and avocado toasted sandwiches served with a salad bar

Chocolate and beetroot brownies served with fresh fruit


With love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek