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Hello Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to Thursday in our room! This morning during early morning outside playtime, it was a little overcast, which kept the humidity/temperature down just a little. It has been a very hot week! We took advantage of this reprieve by dancing with our friends outside to lots of different songs on the verandah. We also had some running races and played “What’s the time Mr Wolf”. Our Pre-Kindy friends are getting very good at remembering how to play this game!

After a delicious morning tea, we had a very funny story about a monkey called “Cheeky Charlie”. The children all agreed that at times, Charlie was very rude and mean to his friends, and we talked about how important it was to be kind to each other.

After our morning tea, we transitioned to the outside classroom where we had our weekly Arakan martial arts/self-defence class with Mr Daniel. Ellie and Maia showed some great listening skills today, and Chi really shone and fully participated with a great big smile on her face, as did Oli and Marlie – following all the routines with style.

During indoor morning activities, we had a special emphasis on Aboriginal painting with small sponge dotters or fingers being used to apply black and yellow paint to our bright red boomerangs. Sticking to the “Australia” theme, we were very involved in applying coloured sand to our map of Australia outlines. Some of us used paint and paintbrushes to make the coloured sand stick, whilst some of us simply rubbed the sand on and around with our fingers. Children that engaged with their creative side today were Indi, Ivy, Ellie, Kaylee, Maia, Marlie, Zander and Chi. It was a wonderful, sensory experience! Some of the benefits associated with sensory play (anything that stimulates a child’s five senses) include cognitive growth, development of fine motor skills, and is calming for anxious or frustrated children.

Other play-based activities available today included:

  • Playdough with multi-coloured paddle pop sticks, rolling pins and cookie cutters. Jaxon was very proud of the star shapes he created, whilst Asher used a combination of two different sized star shapes and two different coloured playdoughs to make a 3-D star. Harvey also enjoyed attempting to press out star shapes from a chunky piece of playdough – great persistence Harvey!
  • We also had lots of fun playing inside our indoor cubby house – Ellie, Maia and Kaylee were very busy feeding their babies inside the cubby, whilst Jaxon and Zander helped them
  • By popular request, and based on the children’s significant interest, we set up our Pre-Kindy Hospital again today. We had lots of different patients, and several doctors. harvey exclaimed that when he grew up he will “Be a doctor”. Marlie and Ellie were very busy writing Doctor’s prescriptions on small notepads, whilst Chi exclaimed to Miss Livia (the patient) “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do for you”..poor Miss Livia! 🙂

We trust you all enjoy the remainder of your Thursday. Stay safe and see you soon!

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Livia xx