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Today in the Pre-kinday room we all gathered on the mat for group time before morning tea time, Miss Shelby brought in a container of surprises (felt puppets) where we got to sing to 5 silly sausages sizzling on the pan, 5 cheeky monkeys and 5 hot cross buns. We even got some wooden blocks from Miss Sharon room and we all built towers and houses out of them.

Miss Gabi from yoga came in and we had a blast, we all sat on the yoga mats in a big circle where we had to turn on our listening ears where we had to pass around the bell quietly without it making a sound and we all did that so beautifully.

We also had an adventure outside playing on the fort, cooking in the sandpit making lots of delicious cakes and muffins. Before resting our bodies after lunch ready for another run around outside this afternoon.

Miss Steph and Miss Sarah xx