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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 🙂

Welcome to our very busy Tuesday, and by busy we mean full! Tuesday is our favourites day as we get to see so many faces 🙂

Some notes before we start with the blog; Can you please ensure that upon arrival into Kindy that you child is wearing a hat! It is our policy that hats are to be worn outside at all times (despite the weather). So if you could all please have a look at home for your child’s hat, at the beginning of the day ensure they are wearing a hat and at the end of the day take the hat home with you. Can we also please encourage all children to keep their shoes on whilst outside now that its getting colder.

Parent Educator meetings are also happening first week of June so be sure to book in your time slot! The booking sheet is on the window above the bag lockers next to our weekly learning display.

This morning we welcomed into the classroom; Colton, Harry, Harrison, Bjorn, Ryan, Lachlan, Sayde, Lincoln, Delila, Harper, Latika, Ariana, Charlotte, Ivy, Amelia, Everlea, Myla, Madalyn, Romney, Cohen, Cruiz and Lily, a full class today! We welcomed all our friends into the yard as we spent the morning involving ourselves in imagination and play.

Transition time into morning tea was a challenge this morning with all 22 children wanting to have their turn all at the same time, so we had to practice the art of taking turns. This morning we had blueberry, apple and ginger seed slice and fresh fruit, the children really enjoyed it with more giving the cake a try today. This morning we started our group time off with our Riversdale Indigenous Acknowledgement. We then sung our days of the week song with Miss Bek then asking the class what today was, Cohen was one of the first to put his hand up and he said “Today is Tuesday”! He was so proud and happy with getting it correct! Harper was our weather bird this morning she fluttered over to the doors to let the classroom know that “It’s a sunny day”. Miss Bek then extending from that asking what we need to do and remember because its sunny? The whole class responded with Hats, sunscreen and water!! Miss Bek then asked if the children would like to do activities inside or outside today, Delila, Harper, Romney and Lachlan all stating they would like to have an outside day! So it was decided Pre-Kindy spent the morning outside exploring.

To start the morning off the children all broken into their own little groups and spent time making their own versions of wombat stew, with a lot of the running around collecting sand, mud, water, sticks and leaves to add into their mixture. Harry spent his time building dinosaurs out of building blocks; Colton, Cohen, Harrison used blocks and tubes to build a ramp to put their trucks down on. Ivy spent some time walking around the playground with a wheelbarrow filled with water offering it to her fellow classmates, she also took the time to wash Romney truck so that it was clean, Romney then thanked Ivy for that and they went off together with the wheelbarrow.

Lincoln, Sayde and Charlotte were up in the tress house running and wobbling around, when asked what they were doing Charlotte responded “the treehouse is shaking, so its making us wobble”. Cruiz spent time riding on the bikes and Madalyn, Myla, Everlea and Harrison continued their cooking skills in the mud kitchen.

For lunch today we had Greek Spanakopita parcels and a salad bar! All the children were very experimental with at least 90% of them all giving our pastry dish a go, and to their surprise they all really enjoyed it! We then all took some time to rest and relax as we laid on our beds. This afternoon will bring outside fun and possibly a bit of dancing 🙂

Have a great afternoon !

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany