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Hello Pre-Kindy families and carers, and welcome to terrific Tuesday! It is a very warm day here today. Consistently high temperatures are increasing the heat factor for much of the outdoor play equipment and surface coverings. We are bound by a duty of care to put your child’s health and safety needs first. Consequently, for all outdoor play in the afternoon, all children must have their shoes on to avoid the potential of being burnt by hot surfaces. Could you please ensure that your child has protective shoes with them on a daily basis? Thank you in advance.

After morning tea today, we had fun with the activities below:

  • Drawing/tracing/colouring in Christmas stencils with fine textas – Amayah, Eva, Ava, Charlotte and Hazel broke into lots of well-known Christmas songs as they drew and created
  • Large foam dominoes with coloured discs – Henry, Kianni, Marshall and Braxton enjoyed matching the coloured discs to the white dots on the dominoes and counting the numbers out loud
  • Mobilo construction – Marshall, Mace, Braxton and Reid made some fantastic cars, whilst Amayah converted a couple of the longer Mobilo pieces in to curling wand, where she then “curled” Kianni, Genevieve, Charlotte and Eva’s hair – very creative!
  • Playdough with seashells and rolling pins was thoroughly enjoyed by India, Mace, Ava, Theo and Arlo
  • Easel painting with toy insects and bugs and paintbrushes
  • Dinosaurs in a trough of sand with mountains and rocks
  • In kitchen corner today, there were lots of wonderful meals being made by Henry, Charlotte, Eva and Amayah in particular
  • We also enjoyed the story of “The Bad-tempered Ladybeetle” by Eric Carle, actions songs/dancing, and practising our Yoga move/deep breaths before we transitioned to lunch.

We hope you all enjoy today’s photos. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Love Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xx