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Our Story…

What a wonderful day it was in the Pre-kindy class today. Miss Madie and Miss Tania were in the Pre-kindy room today and loved seeing all the happy faces of all the pre-kindy children.

We began the day in the playground having a big play with all our friends from Kindergarten and Senior Kindy. The yard had many things to enjoy including bikes, sandpit area, cars in the mud, picking tomatoes from the vines, building with blocks, chasing our friends and playing hide and seek! After all this play, we ventured over to the pre-kindy where Miss Madie introduced herself to the children, marked the roll and we had a picnic morning tea before heading inside for our morning group time.

For group time today, Miss Madie sang some songs that she thought the children would really like, these songs included:

  • Tiny Tim the turtle
  • Open, Shut them
  • Slippery fish
  • Three jelly fish
  • ABC (requested by Amayah)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (requested by Xavier)

For activity time, Miss Madie organised a Halloween themed art experience. Miss Madie had a little chat with Dylan and Henry in the yard this morning and we decided to make some scary Halloween spiders! Dylan chose black paint and Henry chose blue paint to create these spiders and Miss Madie thought this was a great idea! Henry, Arlo, Genevieve, Dylan, India, Oliver, Amayah, Hazel and Ava made a spider using the handprints and googly eyes!

Other activities that were provided today were black playdough (Halloween themed) with playdough utensils, loose parts pattern activity, texta free-drawing, puzzles, blocks, home corner and book corner.

  • The playdough table was enjoyed by Marshall, Eva, Mace and Reid today and they loved using the playdough utensils to make different patterns. These patterns included spiders and stars!
  • Blocks on the mat- Arlo, Xavier, Theo, Henry and Ava were playing ‘witch hunting’ and were making toys to catch the witches.
  • In home corner Ava made a beautiful dinner for all her friends while Charlotte and Kianni were enjoying a tea-party.
  • While Miss Madie was organising the painting activity Amayah, Hazel, India, Dylan, Oliver were sitting at the table and Amayah taught her friends how to play ‘patty cake’ with her hands; Amayah was being a good teacher her friends were listening so well to her and engaging in the little patty cake game.

After activity time, Miss Tania took the children outside to watch the diggers. After the diggers had stopped, Miss Tania thought the children would like to have a bit of water play as it was quite warm in the playground. Miss Tania turned the hose on the mist setting and was spraying the water up into the air; the Pre-kindy children LOVED this!!

The children seemed to have such a wonderful day today and were very keen to head outside for a big play and wait for their mums and dads to arrive!