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Hello everyone, and welcome to terrific Tuesday!

Today we did a lot of creative work preparing for end of year Christmas gifts…but we cannot tell you anymore as it is a secret surprise! 😊

In addition, we played circle games, including the children’s favourites – “Doggy, Doggy” and “Miss Mary Mack” – this was a fun game as we tried to also coordinate our hand clapping with singing – we will keep practising!

Other activities available today included:

  • Blue and red mixed playdough with scissors and paddle pop sticks
  • Assorted cars, trucks and boats on the road/car mat and the wooden fire station – it was great to see both boys and girls enjoying this play
  • Stickle brick construction at the table – planes, trucks and transformers were popular choices today
  • Sandpit play – lots of children were practising and refining their skills on the monkey bar apparatus
  • Story books chosen by the children – today, Amayah chose for us to look at “I’m mot scared”, and Reid chose for us to look at “What’s more scary?”
  • Making beautiful paintings using a selection of assorted star cookie cutters as a template base, and red, blue, yellow and green acrylic paint colours

Enjoy the rest of your day today and stay cool in the heat!

Much love, Miss Amanda and Miss Donna xxx