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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families, 

A warm welcome to Tuesday’s blog 🙂 

Quote of the day; If we help children to get their needs met, they will grow into strong, resilient, competent adults- Abraham Maslow. 

Our children are at the forefront of everything we, we base our learning, our decision on the needs of the children so their voices are heard, their interests are acknowledged. 

This morning we welcomed Ivy, Harry, Colten, Charlotte, Myla, Ariana, Cohen, Lachlan, Sayde, Lincoln, Delila, Harper, Harrison, Amelia, Grace and Henry.

As we welcomed our friends we had the ability to either play inside or outside depending on our interest. This morning Delila, Harrison, Lachlan, Ivy, Harry and Myla were in the mud kitchen with Miss Tiffany they were making her all sorts of food, we had spaghetti made by Harry, cupcakes made by Ivy, Harrison made some soup and Lachlan and Delila were whipping up some pizza. 

As the morning passed we headed inside for morning tea and group time. We started our group time with our acknowledgement to land, our good morning song and then we completed the weather report. Everyone is doing such a great job we have all nearly memorised the acknowledgment. Following on from our Naidoc week we read the story “How the bird got its colour” the story is based around friendship and that if we help our friends when they are in need then good things will follow. Our teacher led activity was bird drawing and creating, with Harrison, Henry, Lachlan, Myla, Ameila, Grace and Ivy all heading to the tables for arts and crafts. Ariana, Harper and Charlotte got all dressed up in our new dress ups. Cohen, Sayde and Lincoln were engaged in role play with each other, whilst Delila and Myla were playing with the spaceship set up. 

Our aim is to use this week to educate the children and ourselves with practices and daily routines and ideas on things that we can implement into our everyday life to show more care and acknowledgement for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. 

Our meals today; 

Morning tea; Pancakes served with berry compote and bananas. 

Lunch; Pasta served with a salad bar. 

Afternoon Tea; Pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies served with fresh fruit. 


With love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek