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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 

Happy Wednesday 🙂 

We are halfway through our Kindy week and what a day it has been 🙂 We have had a jam packed morning. This morning we welcomed  Ivy, Harry, Harrison, Colton, Bjorn, Myla, Amelia, Lachlan, Henry, Finley, Harper and Billy. 

Miss Tiff started off her morning with Ivy, the first friend to arrive at kindy, together they put together our newest addition to the classroom…….. a T-REX the size of some of our friends. The T-Rex was built and ready to welcome all our other friends into the classroom. 

Myla spent time creating a rainbow spiderweb with the elastic bands, whilst Harry built the biggest train track he has ever seen! Harrison, Finley and Henry spent time with the T-Rex as they fed it other animals and pulled it apart to then rebuild it. Bjorn, Lachlan and Colton were in and out of the room playing with the dump trucks or heading inside to play with the cars and trucks. Whilst Amelia, Harper, and Billy spent time outside in the sandpit building and digging holes. 

Today’s group time was a little different to normal as we were lucky enough to have an incursion! We had Nathan from story time join us to tell us the stories of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. He started off the show with his acknowledgment to land, we then talked about the different flags Australia has, the colours, symbols and their meanings. We then talked about dot painting and how the Aboriginals used dot painting as their way to tell stories through the generations. We then travelled around the globe learning about some different countries and their traditional dances. With Harrison, Amelia and Harper all getting turns at going up to help Nathan tell the story. 


After the show we then headed outside for the rest of the morning before coming in to have some lunch and rest time. 


Todays meals; 

Morning Tea; Fruit toast served with jelly and fresh fruit

Lunch; Meatballs and pasta served with a salad bar 

Afternoon Tea; Berry crumble bars served with fresh fruit


With Love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek