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Hello families and carers – welcome to Wednesday! It has certainly been a very warm week so far. We have kept ourselves cool and hydrated indoors for the larger part of the day today, involving ourselves in fun activities such as:

  • Green playdough with Christmas tree, gingerbread man and star shaped cookie cutters
  • Painting on felt Christmas stockings with assorted acrylic paints and fine paintbrushes
  • Making snowmen from large foam balls, matchsticks, googly eyes, felt and PVA glue – Arlo was so excited about his snowman today
  • Building with small wooden blocks – Otto made a fantastic tall tower with lots of detail – great work! Indi and Braxton also made some very interesting structures – great concentration!
  • Using transport stamps and stamp pads
  • Hospital role play – Henry was a “seriously injured patient” – he had so many breaks and bandages applied – Amayah, Xavier, Kianni, and Charlotte were all excellent doctors
  • Working on our group painting – Otto, Eva, Oli, Arlo, Theo, Narla, Xavier and Reid all contributed today – it was wonderful to see all the children taking turns with the different paint colours and brushes – such a creative group!

At group time we again practised our action rhymes and hand clapping with a friend – it is a bit tricky but the children really enjoying learning a new skill – our favourite tune is still “Miss Mary Mack”.

Just a reminder that our Rompin’ Stompin’ Christmas show starts at 5pm sharp tomorrow – please arrive by 4.30pm with your picnic blanket or camp chairs. We have a sausage sizzle and a jumping castle as well….so much fun! Santa Claus will also be visiting the Pre-Kindy room between 6 – 6.15 pm to provide each child with a gift.

Until tomorrow everyone, have a lovely day! Love Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx