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Good afternoon to all our pre-Kindy families on a mild and sunny Wednesday! Autumn weather is so lovely, and today we took advantage of that by taking our indoor classroom outside for a big part of the day. The children all seemed to really enjoy this and were very happy, engaged and calm.

We played some of our most favourite circle games today too – “Duck, duck goose” and “Doggy, doggy who’s got the bone”, followed up by burying each other’s legs in the sandpit to turn us all into mermaids and mermen – whilst doing this, we also sang “Baby shark” and “Five jelly fish”.

We also had some fun musical games, including “Jump, jump Josie” and “One gorilla in the zoo”. Ollie, Harvey, William and Ellie were very convincing gorillas today, whilst Indi, Kaylee, Zander and Asher did lots of energetic jumping!

Taking part in these games was a great way for us all to release some physical energy and to practice our jumping, clapping, turning and ‘walking on all fours’ skills. We relaxed again after our games by practising our breathwork and doing some Yoga stretches as we eased our way into preparing to sit down and eat our yummy pasta and salad lunch.

Other play-based experiences enjoyed by our friends today were:

  • Dress ups and role play – Marlie loved being a superhero, whilst Ellie was a cross between a witch and Boy Wonder. Jamal really enjoyed wearing the Visy vest whilst he pretended to be a train driver as he worked on constructing the wooden railway tracks and playing with the trains
  • Marlie drew a wonderful picture of her family and was observed sitting there explaining who everyone was to Ollie. She had a great big smile on her face as she did this. Lily, Harvey, Ivy and Jamal also enjoyed spending time drawing a variety of pictures with textas

Please enjoy today’s photos and blog. See you again tomorrow! Love Miss Donna and Miss Livia XX